PostDoc position in the fields of SFM and ToF-SIMS

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Our Nanoscale Materials Science Laboratory is offering a

PostDoc position in the fields of SFM and ToF-SIMS

Within its various modes of operations, Time-of-Flight Secondary Ions Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) is a versatile analytical tool providing elemental and molecular information with highest detection sensitivity and good imaging spatial resolution on any kind of solid surfaces. It can also provide in-depth and 3D chemical information via ion sputtering. However, no direct measurement of the depth can be obtained, leading in most cases to large data distortions. To provide the depth missing information, a combined ToF-SIMS/Scanning Force Microscopy (SFM) instrument has been developed and is installed now at IMEC, Belgium.

The present project (Horizon2020 European Project) aims at the development of new operational modes for this combined instrument, and materials investigation within selected applications using this novel state-of-the-art analytical technique.

The ToF-SIMS group within the Nanoscale Materials Science Laboratory is looking for a highly motivated postdoc candidate withstrong background in SFM and in materials sciences, physics or related discipline. Excellent organizational and communication skills are also expected.

We offer for this project a highly stimulating research environment with excellent infrastructure and expertise in the fields of SFM and ToF-SIMS. The main work will be held at Empa Dübendorf under the supervision of Dr. Laetitia Bernard and Prof. Hans J. Hug, Head of the Laboratory. Regular travels to IMEC for modes implementation and showcase investigations will permit the candidate to interact with all involved European partners and broaden his/her expertise and networking in the respective fields. Travels to international conferences will allow fast publication of the developments and research work, while promoting the carrier of the candidate.

For more information, please contact Dr. Laetitia Bernard,

We are looking forward to receiving your application including a CV, a list of publications, diplomas, a letter of motivation and three references with contact details.

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