Post Doctoral Fellow for two years at CNRS UMR8199 - EGID, Lille France

The laboratory "Génomique intégrative et Modélisation des Maladies Métaboliques" ( is seeking highly motivated postdoctoral fellows interested in pancreatic beta-cell biology. The project is focused on deciphering the mechanisms leading to beta-cell plasticity/adaptation in the context of Type 2 Diabetes (T2D).

The group of Dr Jean-Sébastien Annicotte investigates the role of signaling pathways involved in insulin secretion, metabolic homeostasis and tissue dysfunction observed during T2D. Our main focus is to develop key models to better understand pancreatic physiology. We will primarily use complementary and innovative approaches (from mouse models, lineage tracing experiments to genome-wide approaches) to decipher the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying key activities for the maintenance of the beta-cell identity.

Candidate profile:

  • PhD with a strong background in molecular and cell biology
  • Good experimental experience with in vivo experiments, FACS, RNA-seq
  • Prior experience with cell culture and pancreatic islet isolation is essential.
  • Background in the area of metabolic disease and/or diabetes research
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, independent in performing research projects, but also able to work in a team setting.
  • Fluency in English is required.

The position is advertised for 2 years and will be based in Lille, France. The host institution (CNRS UMR8199-EGID) provides an excellent intellectual environment and most of the infrastructure required to carry out the proposed research. EGID provides direct access to state-of-the-art platforms including the high throughput sequencing (LIGAN-PM), animal facilities with a small imaging platform and a core facility for metabolic studies (metabolic cages, treadmill, CTscan, PET scan, MRI), cell imaging facility (confocal microscopy, electron microscopy), flow (INFLUX BD) and mass (CyTOF) cytometry.

Please email a letter of interest, your CV (including publication list) and cover letter with 2 references to:

Dr Jean-Sébastien Annicotte
Faculté de Médecine – Pôle recherche
1 place de Verdun
59045 Lille France

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